Video: Just The Way You Are

Monday, April 25, 2011

Music: Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars (© Elektra Records 2010)
Video: me

Kinetic Typography is a beautiful animation which involves flying text stylised to echo the meaning behind the words. The videos are usually short, and the effort it takes to make them are usually long.

I clocked in about 54 hours making this 74 second clip, for some reason staying home awake most nights made more sense than going out and buying a card. But it was oh so worth it in the end! <3 Happy birthday babe!


How is this made?

What you’d be using is Adobe AfterEffects for real 3D movement and other effects. But I didn’t have that, so what I used was an old Flash I had installed.

But it’s not the tools that matter, its all about imagination. There’s no “create rotating sun here” command or “make a tree grow” action. You have to manually make the circles, words, lines, rotations and movements by yourself.

Complex logical problems and the need for creativity? I love nothing better than giving both hemispheres the exercise.


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In the future: I loved making this video and hopefully I’ll learn some AfterEffects and do another one!

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