Scrambling The Variant: It’s time for another vid!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s been a few months since I started the making my own jet fighter game.

From buying joysticks, to testing missiles, realising sketches to designing jets, it has been pretty fun. So I guess a good old video has been long overdue…


Go to Vimeo to view in HD!

Background of the video

I redid the entire game to get rid of inexplicable frame rate drops, which is why it looks similar to the last one. The jet you’re seeing is the Variant I made in my last post. The terrain is a massive 25 x 25km map with 1.6km of sky. Towards the last third of the video you’ll see a new enemy AI script I cooked up which accurately and realistically follows the player around. You’ll also note missiles do absolutely nothing but fly through and around the target, it’s not a bug. I just disabled collision detection for testing and lengthening the flight.

Thanks for watching! Next up, you can expect explosions, new weapons and enemies that will actually fight back!



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