We are capable of everything, but within finite time

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We are so limited in time.

Whether it be settling down, spawning kids, favours being cashed in, acquiring a new job, or even ploughing through endless study. They are all time-eaters, obliviating up away our most important resource. Time.

If you have something big to do, a project of epic proportion. From writing a book, to making a video game, what ever it is you do, do not let life suck away that passion.

Because there will never be the time to do what you want. You will never get that entire day to yourself where nothing disturbs you.

Image via Emz.watson

Inspiration is cheap. Action is rare.
If you keep having ideas and never acting, you're no different to the dreamer next to you who wants to fly to Neptune. Do something. Prove yourself wrong at least so you can move onto dreaming about something else!

Action is cheap. Time doesn't exist.
And even if you find the balls to act, you will be plagued by commitments pilling up and eating away at what ever reserves of free time you have. You have to make time exist. And that's what differentiates those who daydream and those who achieve greatness.
Stock pile those energy drinks, dose up on caffeine, bring back the all-nighters. Gear up and let yourself reach 110%.
I write this because even though its nothing new, it's something we all forget. And seeing myself fall victim to the mundane existence of mediocrity... I just can't live like that. At what point did we sit down and tell ourselves that we're okay with being robots?

There just isn't enough hours in the day for own personal goals. Treat yourself some time to a little me-time, or I guarantee it will not only destroy your sense of self but lead to health issues real soon.
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