Kalq 1.0 - It's time for an update!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Over four years ago I complained about the skeuomorphic design of ordinary calculator tools on your average computer. A little while later I published the Kalq Project. Somehow it attracted hundreds of downloads and even made its way into Softpedia.

The best thing about it was, it didn't need much tinkering. It wasn't a perfect product, but it was simple, elegant and did it's job. Some people say "if it's not broken, don't fix it", which is the complete opposite of a hacker's mentality.

I set aside some time to work on something new, keeping the old values of Kalq but improving it somehow. The key to making this more efficient, was in what some new shortcuts could do.

Kalq 1.0 preview of shortcuts and menu


Kalq 1.0 will be released soon, it's been field tested by a small crew on different configurations and all that's left is to document the code then upload it to GitHub. Yes it shall remain free and open source (under GPL). So, watch this space!

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