Jay is a passionate techie living in Sydney, Australia. His name on his passport is really Jayanga Nadishan Wickramarachchi, which he managed to finally memorise at the age of 8. As a child he wanted to be an inventor and at an early age discovered his passion for programming whilst accompanying his father on a night class on Visual Basic for Applications.

Despite being a code monkey most of his life, his biggest pride has come from motivating people, often-times helping some with their life problems and being a fiercely loyal friend to very different kinds of people (which makes organising parties really difficult). He drives his parents to the temple every month, helps his girlfriends sister with her essays and is known for his extremely friendly customer service.

His OCDs include an unhealthy obsession with stationary, having way too much chocolate and changing the desktop wallpaper every few hours. He adores typography, listens mainly to chillstep and is notorious for taking photos of everything when travelling. The smell of rain, lavender potpourri and diesel fumes remind him of his home back in Sri Lanka, and his favourite language is Hungarian (not that he's very good at it).

In his first job, his manager (and great mentor) told him to share his ideas and code with the world, which became the inception of this blog, and his portfolio of creative projects past and present.

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